There are people

May 10, 2014 at 10:57 AM (Uncategorized)

In my circle of friends, who have not gotten used to loneliness. They still understandably, kick and scratch against not having an intimate relationship or even a romantic one. I have found out that you can get used to anything, including the lack of that. And it makes me kind of sad for the couple of friends that have had a long long time between romances, and by long I mean measured in decades. It’s been very difficult for them I sympathize with them, but I’ve gotten to the point where I wish they could reach the plateau that I’m on, because it would at least give them some measure of peace. And I know that part of my being settled in in solitude, is that I have at least had one very deep solid committed relationship. Been there done that and the parts of it that were wonderful, a lot of people never get so I suppose I’m ahead of the game. It makes it easier to hang it up at 52.

In my current medical situation it would be impractical and ridiculous anyway. I feel more freak than
female everyday. Yet another reason it’s easier to hang it up.

I see the sorrow of other people that is often still as fresh as when they were 20, that desire to pair up, and feeling so much less without it. I feel sorry for them I really do, not because what they’re feeling isn’t valid of course it is.  

I feel sad for them because I know that for them if it doesn’t happen a part of them will really be broken for the rest of their lives.


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