So the laundry’s been messed up

May 3, 2014 at 1:20 PM (Uncategorized)

For several days now. Which means three of the five new pants I bought   and labeled are missing, I have no sheet that will stay fitted  to this mattress for any length of time. And I have no shirts. I was planning on sitting up in a chair going to the dining room you know big highlights of the day. But the shirtless thing is kind of a problem, I can’t go without that. So here I am in bed watching Betty Davis movies, eating breakfast and lunch and waiting. For what I don’t know. The exit doors? That may be a pipe dream. Company , best not expect that, could be disappointed.

Winding up phone call for Monday and work I need to do on my laptop at some point to set up some hiring time for  home health aides with a starting date of June 9th in the event that I need them. Best to give them 30 days notice.

Because there are things, already that I could do better at home than here.

1. Transfer back into bed. The airbed is almost impossible whereas the bed I have at home and simple straightforward smaller with railings. 
2. Control my food. Lower salt, lower sugar ,
Smaller portions, lower fat, I was about to achieve all of those with the first load of groceries I brought into the house. I have someone else do that shopping for me when I am at home now since I recognized that me inside a grocery store by myself is a very dangerous thing. 
3. Get a shower once a day or more instead of every 5 days.
4. Keep track of my laundry as it is after all just down the hall.
Those things could be accomplished  better at home and they are here.

That isn’t wishful thinking those are facts. For now the remainder of wound healing need to be accomplished here, personal care needs to be accomplished here until I figure out how to handle it at home. 

God, this is nuts.



  1. Barbara said,

    Just a thought…rather than suffer without clean clothes, why not ask family or friends to pick up clean clothes from home, or wash a load for you and bring them back? No point in they’re being close if they can’t do something so simple for you. Surely they do laundry sometimes. Easy enough to throw yours in with their own.

    • imfunny2 said,

      No, not a solution, although that sounds reasonable enough to outsiders.

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