Thinking of my parents today

April 23, 2014 at 12:36 PM (Uncategorized)

Of my father who has passed away and my mom who is here but who is just overwhelmed my so much

I keep going over what if scenarios. If my father were here, if mom felt better, would I be in this box today with another solution besides a skilled nursing facility? My inner two year old thinks they could fix things, swoop in and save the day .

In reality my stepfather is much better at such things than my father would have been.  And no solution is presented itself. In a month or two I will lose my home the accessible apartment that fit me so well.

There is no fix at least not right now

I’ve put in an application for what’s called an assisted living waiver. It’s different from the medicaid waiver I am living under as an independent person. They will still suck up my money and leave essentially nothing. But, I’ll have a miniature apartment, my own kitchen, etc and a great deal more freedom of movement than I
have in my present place.

Hopefully I will be physically ready to leave months from now when that assisted living waiver comes with a spot for me.


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