I know, I know… You thought I was dead.

March 20, 2014 at 2:09 PM (Uncategorized)

no I’ve been in captivity for the last 5 months and  disinclined to blog  before that. I have lymphedema now as many of you know and one of the things you can get from that he’s a medical condition called cellulitis. It became life threatening. I was rushed to the hospital. Now I’ve got nerve damage and my right leg was not a banana split sundae of well working equipment to begin with. I have had to relearn  sitting up in bed, trying to stand, trying to move back and forth in the bed etc . Here in the rehab hospital I’ve had to make sure that my customer service face is always on and stay nice to people so that I get appropriate care. nice is not my default setting. Its been a mixed bag which I need to wait and write more about when I get out. Hopefully soon. hopefully April 3rd.

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