Thank God for Twitter. No, I really mean it.

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Not since I began blogging in 2005 have I had as much fun following and manic link-chasing a number of folks I read under the hashtag #solidarityisfortheablebodied.  They talk about their experiences, that vary widely.

Someone was touched without their permission…and I nod in agreement.  That’s happened to me.

Someone had their symptoms minimized and tossed off by a doctor….I nod in agreement. That’s happened to me.

There is an elevator in the building…3.2 light years from my office cubicle…and again, I nod in agreement….and on and on and on.


It is heartening to know that all these nutty things have happened to so many of us at the hands of the able bodied…that we are not alone.

And sly Lawrence Carter Long…he isn’t afraid to call the emphasis on people first language a “cult” when it gets so overdone that taking the time to explain it and build it out and use it…is   the oppression of time lost better spent calling out ableds and others that are Doing Things Wrong.

I want to make clear I think shooting for people first language is a good thing…but even that shouldn’t get in the way of the actual work:

And for a few tweeters I found dissing the hashtag:


Okay.  Let me boil this down for you…so there is no mistaking why people are crying out when these things happen:

R E S P E C T.   Sing it Aretha.  We aren’t getting enough, and by God, we want some now.

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  1. Glynis Jolly said,

    So why aren’t we actively fixing these problems? Why aren’t we, for instance, finding a contractor to get the ball rolling to move the elevator in a closer proximity so that it’s more assessable to everyone? Why are we expecting someone else, everyone else to do all of it?

    I’ve been disabled since 1972. I can’t figure out why we expect so little out of ourselves.

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