Hobson’s Choice = Syria

August 27, 2013 at 2:09 PM (Uncategorized) (, , )

My ideas are so mixed on this…and will not line up easily with either my more liberal or more conservative readers. http://www.bbc.co.uk/news/world-middle-east-22557347

A violation of international law has been committed.

Eyewitness accounts from multiple sources and video appear to corroborate this.

One side or both sides are using chemical weapons in Syria.

Did the governmet do it, or did the rebels do it? (even though the victims were their own.)
It’s likely, in my opinon, that it was Assad, but *we don’t know yet.*

unidentified snipers fired on a convoy of UN weapons inspectors, impeding the UN’s ability
to get the facts on the ground, facts I would want before any sort
of military intervention took place.

I will presume that whichever side fired has weapons they don’t want the UN to verify.

Per USA Today, Some rebel groups are affiliated with Al-Quaeda.

One of the many unintended consequences of a Western intervention could be that the monitoring of these weapons
weapons is destabilized enough to allow the chemicals to fall into hands of terrorists interested in bringing this type of weapon to other
countries.  We don’t want that.

Whatever happens, I’m hoping for the “option” that includes the least number of deaths, military or civilian, ours or theirs.

Terrible.  Whichever choice.  Terrible.  If we don’t go in at all, we continue to look like the country that won’t stand up when international
law is transgressed, which could be seen as a “kill all the children you want, they won’t stop it,” card, i.e. more frequent and deadly use of chemical weapons.

If we do, which appears likely, will it act as a deterrent to further use of such unspeakable weapons, or make the users double down?

I’m afraid it will have the second result, not the first.

My emotions, when I see the video of those dead children, cry for an answer to that, for intervention.

But emotion should never be the reason to go to war.

Mixed feelings and no good options.


BBC and USA today.



  1. Jerry "Peacemaker" said,

    Nice to meet you. I am trying to get people organized to advocate for the United Nations to offer a $100,000,000 reward for information which leads to those responsible for the chemical attacks in Syria. It is the largest unsolved crime on Earth-law enforcement agencies have used cash rewards to successfully solve crimes for centuries. Any escalation of violence in Syria is based on this tragedy so the truth must be determined.
    Thank you,

  2. Riley Frost said,

    Interesting post. I posted something on this topic a while ago; baring in mind what you’ve written you may be interested. rileyfrost.wordpress.com/2013/08/26/what-are-the-concequences-of-military-intervention-in-syria/

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