They seem to be coming out of the woodwork

June 13, 2013 at 1:43 PM (Uncategorized)

First it was the ignorant professor who decided that fat people don’t posses the discipline to become Phd’s.  WTF? 

(That’s right up there with the Cleveland Clinic’s decision to deny desk jobs to applicants with a high BMI)

Then there’s Bill Maher.  Evidently he’s not a comic or a television host anymore.  Just an A***ole with a target audience and a market share who figures it’s just fine to call Trig Palin a ‘retard.’  I may disagree with Trig’s Mom’s politics, but not about dignity for Trig.

And in a more serious vein.

I only recently became aware of the story of  Alex Spourdalakis, the teen with autism whose cargiver had been offered help, but turned it down…and then decided to plan her son’s murder.

When stories like this come up, with all the sympathy for the caregiver….it’s just as clear as a bell…the moment that PWD’s become difficult to care for or costly to care for….it is never outside the realm of possibility that some unbalanced person with authority over you will make you go away.  That’s sickening and terrifying in any language.

What *is* it that makbes  able people decide to dismiss, target or even destroy people different from them?   It surely doesn’t make them any better…


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