Sights and sounds

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Well first, it was 1963 or 4 and I was needing to stand up.   Our 1960’s era black and white Magnavox console obliged.  It didn’t look exactly like this, but close enough…a long box with wooden exterior and components inside, stereo receiver for music, or home Browns games, turntable for the occasional LP and a large  black and white TV screen in the middle.  It started out as assistive tech…I’d rather stand with it, sometimes, than my canes….then the sitting down in front (too close) to be scared to death by “The Outer Limits” or laugh my head off at “Bewitched” or “Batman”

The TV  tuner eventually became something that needed a lot of babying, inching to the correct place to land the channel, but just a shade too far and you’d have to restart the process.  I remember that my father became too impatient to take the time to cajole the machine into changing channels properly, and he’d ask me to work with it.   Apparently I had “the gift” with that particular piece of machinery.   If they wanted some music, my parents would send Nat King Cole, or Henry Mancini, and later the Beatles and Simon and Garfunkel through the house.

After our first color TV arrived in  1972 that console was demoted to my long empty bedroom closet, so I’d have a TV to watch or at least a turntable to listen to.

The television lasted until at least 1974, and possibly later…I remember watching cartoons in black and white in the 1970’s on that screen.

The turntable portion lasted considerably longer, til the 1980’s because I remember my boyfriend listening to movie soundtrack albums on it in 1985 and 1986 (It had been moved again to the guest bedroom when there was no longer any room in  a teenage girls closet for clothes….)

One Christmas in the late 70’s we were spending the holiday at an uncle’s home…and one card held particular interest….because an elegant stereo system was waiting at home…speakers that came to the knees, a blue lit stereo receiver,  and a turntable with a sturdy clear cover.  It looked something like this .  I listened hard to music from that system through the rest of high school, college and about half my marriage, reluctantly giving it up for something more compact in 1991.


Why did I write about it?  Because in these days when you don’t need to store your music, television or movies in a three dimensional way sometimes I miss the part when you had to assign space in your house to three dimensional entertainment players that made you smile, and couldn’t possibly give you carpal tunnel.


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