“Your Place!” (Updated with linky)

March 25, 2013 at 4:16 AM (Uncategorized)

First of all I’d like to apologize in advance  to long term disability activists everywhere…because (1) lists of ‘patient overcomers’ do nothing to advance the notion that hey, we’re really( just like Joe Average down the street, but I swear to Lawrence Carter Long, and Carrie Lucas that it’ll only be in the first half of the post, ok? Then there’s  (2)  I’ve lost the link, but stories of increasing harrasment of persons with disabilities in the Uk since austerity went into effect are out there on the internet… been searching for it for half an hour, but this rant woke me right up out of a sleep and is now in danger of leaking out of my consciousness before I get it down, so I’ll risk the ‘publish now, source later” thing.

Evidently, there are a small sliver of extremist UK folks so fond of the austerity program in Britain, so *proud* of their work there that they increasingly feel the need to accost people with disabilities over dinner and wonder why they’re you know, out in public, because it really isn’t their place at all, yelling that they “were “Cameron voter”[s] and that people with disabilities would now be put in their place.

(first and foremost, I’d imagine that the annoying able bodied moron making this claim obviously spends too little or too much time in a pub. What a humorless waste.)

Some seem to feel it’s ok to express pure revulsion and hatred of us even being *seen.*  They believe their hatred to be validated because we cost money to care for sometimes.

First, temporarily able bodied idiot, let me pull up this wheelchair, yank your tie so your face is right down near mine.  Force you into a chair facing me.  Yes, sit the fuck down, turkey because we’re going to have a talk, by which I mean you STFU and listen and I talk.

Just what is the ‘place’ of folks with disabilities, buddy?  Well, lets see now.

It’s  on stage, in comedy clubs like Josh Blue,  or Maysoon Zaid. On TV and film like Marlee Matlin, or Peter Dinklage.  At Mount Everest base camp where a person with Down Syndrome recently arrived.  It’s wherever Helen Keller spoke…and yeah, even though he never identified as such, even actively kept his disability hidden, it’s in the freakin’ White House, as manned by Franklin.Delano.Roosevelt during the  Great Depression and World War Two. (Ok, list of supercrips is over.  Chide me for it later.  Some bleaters need hit over the head with it.)

Worst of all, (and I just *know* this is what peeves you out the most)  It’s right next to you.  In the office, or teaching your children at university, or traveling…or just taking up space in a local park.  Because we are just like you.  We deserve the same freedom of movement and association as you do, the same social opportunity, because we are human beings.

It’s you, able bodied bully, that need to go home and shut yourself away from society for awhile until you learn not just the manners and common courtesy to zip it  if you think such drivel, but do a little wondering of how you’d feel if the person closest to you became disabled, and then you decided to go out for a bite and got completely disrespected like that.

Ok leave.  Get the heck out of the public space until you’ve learned your lesson.  And shut your mouth.


  1. Katja said,

    Was it this article? http://www.newstatesman.com/politics/2013/03/disabled-people-have-never-had-it-so-bad

    I had a little trouble with this not so much because of the article itself but because of the way the headline frames the problem: “Disabled people have never had it so bad” Never? Really? It’s worse now than it was when the only public support for people with disabilities was workhouses and poorhouses?

    • imfunny2 said,

      Oh yay Katja, that was it 🙂 I’m not surprised one of my readers found it

  2. Attila the Mom said,


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