Republican connection.

November 10, 2012 at 10:56 AM (Uncategorized)

This will be  a short one.

A two party system is essential. (actually we need *more* but two as a baseline.)

I think that the Republican Party can come back….

If it relies most heavily two things,one a present aspect of the Republican party and one a future hope.

I think candidates need to emphasize the fiscal conservative portion of their creed. Prudence in spending.   Encouragement of using resources for job creation…adding to the pool of working folks. I know the social conservatism is part of the mix, but I think pushing it to the front row and monopolizing the microphones with it has not been helpful to the party as a whole.

And they need to do much much more work….reaching out to constituencies that have been historically Democratic.  Not from a distance.  Not just with  a campaign ‘machine,’  Each Republican person from outside communites connecting with more of their neighbors who come from the Latino or African American communities …talking with union households not about ‘union busting,’ but about commonalities outside of the workplace, for example.

I’d love to be able to just disagree with them instead of being actively afraid of them…and these steps would work toward that.

Because I didn’t fear George Voinovich. (I miss his voice a lot)  I didn’t feel extremism coming from the words of a Richard Lugar, for example.  Olympia Snowe seemed to me to be a pragmatist to work with.

I’d like to see a party who isn’t to be feared and doesn’t use fear…here’s hoping.

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