I think it’s coming from an insular place

September 18, 2012 at 9:04 AM (Uncategorized) (, , )

Connected to Mr. Romney’s  belief system. Yep, Mormons do have missionaries that bring new meaning to the word pesky. But once you’re in… (as also true in many other belief systems)

I’m not accusing all Mormons of being insular. That would be patently false…

It’s the construct of the belief system and it’s administration…First, very top down, even though any man can be in the priesthood…the directives leave little room for adapting to “conditions on the ground” in any situation. The “No non-Mormons at weddings”rule…He was heavily involved in that system, and then became a CEO…

A central part of the bio we do know about the candidate makes clear that his church is a huge part of his life…so it’s not unreasonable to infer that some of the character of the belief system is expressed in how he runs his life, his businesses, his campaign.

He’s resistant to most forms of outside inquiry, of pressure to change, is secretive about his tax returns.

There’s a resonance there, to the authority in the Mormon church being worked out behind closed doors.

An argument can be made: What about Harry Reid? He doesn’t have the appearance of a guy who is secretive, most comfortable with behind the curtain power….maybe it just proves that different folks can take completely different things away from the same religion.

After all, more conventional forms of Christianity range from militancy to social-justice heavier versions…

But I really don’t want to think of the guy as intrinsically evil. I had eight years of believing that about a Republican President, and if he gets in, I’d rather he just be a leader I can disagree with on policy, disagree with on social issues…but trust that he doesn’t have bad intent.

But if I believe the secrecy is purely intentional, purely cynical…that the remark about the 47 percent reflects that he really believes nearly half the country are dependent losers…that he really believes the timing and content of his remarks on the Libyan terror attack were fine and dandy…

I don’t want a guy in the White House with open contempt for being examined by the electorate and the media during an election year.

So I hope the “inelegant” speech and the keeping many things close to the vest come from his takeaway from Mormonism. It’s more palatable.


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