What happens…

September 9, 2012 at 11:14 PM (Uncategorized)

Two public figures I admire are bitterly opposed (no it’s no one campaigning right now.) They’re in court having a bitter dispute.

I am an outside observer, I can only read the court documents and observe.

and what I observe, is that this breach will probably never be healed.
I don’t need to insult one and praise the other: the problem is is that both are utterly convinced that they are entirely in the right.

That means the facts, the fair allocation of percentage of right and wrong on either side, can never be known. I have a personal opinion on which has the higher percentage of right, but I’m smart enough to know that I’m a peon far from the action, and so it is my *opinion* nothing more. If neither party can step away from absolute rightness…then it’s done. And the value of both is diminished because neither will step away.

Honestly stepping away wouldn’t have to mean any admission of or statement to the effect of “I was wrong.”

Couldn’t some such statement in the ballpark of… “My positive resources are better spent at _______ (the different skill set each figure has) so I’m deciding to suspend/move away from the lawsuit…”

It’s foolish I know. The work that went into the lawsuit means neither will decide would be better for us who admire them, and *better for each of them* to cut this out and have more time to shine light in dark places.

A tweet this evening asked both to kiss and make up.

Not happening.

Our politics and media have long been slanted as irreconcilable opposites. It’s a shame they’ve both ensconced themselves in the same type of box.


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