On the occasion of my 25th wedding anniversary…Part 1

September 5, 2012 at 1:00 AM (Uncategorized)

First, there’s pictures up in a Facebook album…for anyone who hasn’t looked at it already…look at the big hair.
(And that *perm* of my husband’s. I lobbied for that perm to go away, and am blessed it did so I can remember him with sane, straighter hair. Good grief.)

I have a prologue wherein I want to thank many of the auxiliary participants at that wedding.  Each wedding has it’s own brand  of nuts, and this one was no exception.

I’d like to thank Bette Midler fans in my wedding party for putting up with the restriction of ‘no dancing or rock and roll’ at my wedding, occasioned by my husband’s home church’s stance on such matters.

I’d like to thank the church congregants for putting up with a Bette Middler song during the wedding.

My matron of honor, and my bridesmaids…in their blue dresses 🙂
The reluctant ring bearer and the cute flower girl.

I’d like to thank the two intrepid videographers (sadly only one version remains), the guy who thought nothing of raising his considerable self to a standing position on the edge of a pew to get a better view, and the guy who was less fortunate and ended up falling into the baptistry whilst videotaping.

I’d like to thank the Minister-who-left-a-few-months-before-the-wedding who decided he had theological and ideological grounds to disapprove of our marriage so much that he refused to perform the ceremony. (because I was a person with disabilities, or because I was disinclined to be a cook and maid sort, or because it would have been difficult and dangerous for me to bear children, so that wasn’t going to happen…whatever.  I was never quite sure which it was…)

What he was never told outright, because I had to act the quiet church-wife at the time, was, after that stance, even if he’d had a change of heart, I’d have refused.  He had his chance and blew it.

I’d like to thank my husband’s old friend, the retired minister, who thought nothing of reactivating his credentials, and marrying us.

I’d like to thank my mother.  For walking me down the aisle, and as per usual picking a great mother of the bride dress, and looking smashing in it.  For the single handed work of raising me.

I’d like to thank my cousin Tiffany.  For quietly working her backside off in the church  kitchen for me, even though we only briefly crossed paths that day.

I’d like to thank my father.  For walking me down the aisle. For keeping my husband from flying apart from nerves before the ceremony.  And for showing up sober to the wedding.

I’d like to thank my closest friends.  For participating in the wedding party.  For showing up.  And most most importantly, for not *leaving* my circle of close people later.  When it got much, much more difficult than just being part of a wedding.

And lastly  husband, long gone, but still close by. I’m thanking you for specific things you did on that day.

Leaving a big dose of your merry enthusiasm on that day, and all through that day…the wedding itself, the two mini parties midday not on video that we visited, and the reception that night…all of that enthusiasm is evident now on video-transcribed-to-DVD for me to remember…and look at.

Putting up with those darn tight, painful shoes.

Holding onto my hands.

Taking the time on our wedding night to go through all the thoughtful cards that we didn’t manage to get to during the big present opening during the day…you insisted on that, not me, and I’m really glad we did that together.

The kisses.  Hey, who doesn’t love those?

So, part one is done. And I thank everyone above, still here, and those that have left the planet…

Bless ’em all.


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