Every once in a while, pundits can be profound.

August 30, 2012 at 5:00 PM (Uncategorized)

This, today, from Ezra Klein:

We’ve done something very dangerous in the media and in politics more generally. And we’ve created this line where we can say, “over here is politics” and politics is about message and it’s about appearance and it’s about how you’re polling and it’s about how you come off during your speech and we can judge that separately and apart from policy, from the truth of the matter; from what it’s about … the conventions. I mean, it’s as Michael Steele said you know, it’s not, it’s not a policy argument at convention. But that is, in some ways, there’s an expectation for what politicians are going to do. They would do different things if we gave them different expectations.

And when we say the expectation is not to be honest and not to be factual, we allow them among other things aside from just being untruthful to the American people, we allow them to back themselves into promises and into theories that don’t fit the moment and don’t lead to good government. So, Michael Steele made the point, and it’s correct, that one of the main things a convention does is they put forward a vision for the country. If that vision for the country is not based upon sound premises, if it’s on a foundation of sand, it is not going to work. But, having promised it, having latched themselves to that mast they will, and I think this happened in the Bush Administration and it happens in many administrations, be forced into essentially policies that are not good policies.

Notice he said ‘politicians,’ not specifically one party or another. It’s a systemic problem.


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