Popsicle Educational Theory.

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All I can say is that the cold must be getting to him  .  Mark Ewing, who clearly has a Bomb Pop for a brain, hails from Wasilla Alaska.  This fellow has stated that children who can’t move their wheelchairs don’t need to be educated

Dear Mark Ewing:

Here’s a short list of people who have disabilities who have benefited the universe just by being around, and *further* benefited our nation by getting an education.

Lawrence Carter-Long, professor and movie critic.

Nick Dupree, writer, activist, and killer comic book writer, whose life has been a workbook on what we may have to do to live independently.

Attila The Mom’s kids, who also have a cool, twisty, interesting and educated path towards self sufficiency.

Steven Hawking.  He couldn’t move his chair, but he’s moved scientific discourse about the worlds (not a typo and yeah he’s a brit )

Kay Olson, my blog mentor, who unwittingly, since she didn’t know me at all, taught me the language of disability rights.

David Gaynes, another bright young fellow in a chair.  Got an education.  Using it well.

Ruth Harrigan, poet of faith.

And countless, countless others with disabilities…

They are citizens of this country.  The notion that some with impairments should have educational opportunity  and some should not…is beyond stupid and damaging to the credibility of the language of freedom, let alone the credibility of the clown who said it.

People with disabilities…need the skills of critical thinking, the logical wilderness of numbers, the mystery of science, the joy of well used language…*to help them live more independently, to cost themselves and society less, and to integrate and master their impairments as adults.*

(and don’t whine and bring up those with cognitive impairment… It’s a different playing field, yes…but education still happens, that improves their quality of life.)

Should their parents and friends be caregivers for uneducated persons?  Are there no workhouses?  Should they be abandoned on the hillside?

Mr. Ewing, God help you if you or a family member or friend faces the question of educating a child with disabilities.  Because someday that child is going to learn to read, grow up, use Google and find out you wrote this ****.

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  1. bridgett said,

    Add to the list one of the best profs I ever had the pleasure of running into, Paul Longmore…and you, dear.

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