The Newsroom

July 28, 2012 at 5:14 AM (Uncategorized) (, )

Seems that the latest critical fashion means cutting up Aaron Sorkin’s work People don’t like it because the characters talk too much. (???????????!!!!!!!!!!!!!! It’s *Sorkin*), or because McAvoy and his producer cannot seem to maintain a professional relationship (this is fiction IRL I can’t see any news anchor hiring an ex)…many of the criticisms about weak women seem valid to me…(I’m a woman)…


In a fictional TV drama…

Are the characters interesting?
Yes, mostly.

Are the plots interesting?
Yes, because they’re well written and they’re pieces of what we’ve just been through as a country.

You want to see what these people will do or say next. You want to know. And that is both the key to interesting, and the key to ratings which mean $$$ and renewal which, BTW the Newsroom has already..

What I get from Sorkin’s writing is he lets his people say what the rest of us wish we could, while giving them flaws big enough to be seen from a distance.
I would never invite serial womanizer Will McAvoy to dinner.

But it doesn’t mean I wouldn’t watch his “newscast” every night.

In a swamp of niche market reality tv….(Cajun Pawnstars of Remodeling Hoarders of New Jersey)

This is gold.

If you want to compare Sorkin to Sorkin, or bring him down a peg fine.
But even if The Newsroom was as bad as those who dislike it say it is…it’s still light years above what I force my remote past at lightning speed every day,,,,


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