Some days, I’m just a troglodyte…

May 9, 2012 at 5:27 PM (Uncategorized) (, , , )

A caveperson refusing to embrace the grownup idea of what’s a good thing, and instead pout because it came along too late for me.

My grown side is really excited about what cord blood might mean for children with cerebral palsy….the potential for building or rebuilding some of the less than optimal parts of the way we talk to our muscles.

But then I just get irritated.  I’m such a mental two year old sometimes.

“Could’ve helped me.  Why didn’t you bright lights of medical marvels come up with this years back?”  It has resonances of when the first HIV cocktail medicines became available two years too late for my spouse.

It’s why the old “cure” paradigm is so useless for a fulfilling life.  You don’t sit by the phone and pine for this stuff, especially when you’re way past twenty one.

If it shows up it shows up, use it then and be pleased about it.  And if it doesn’t, or it shows up late…you deal with what you’ve got.

Whaaaah.  Bitch complain.   But then I just shrug and say to myself…”Well, I’m doing rehab….I’m seeing some small improvements.  I’m doing what I can do.

I think, in this case it’s part of the broader irritation with having turned fifty this past year…

more and more things just aren’t going to happen.

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