In this timeline, it’s a comedy…BOO

March 17, 2012 at 7:01 AM (Uncategorized) (, )

have fun.

I was a great (original) fan of the old show Dark Shadows……watched it after school from ’68 through to it’s cancellation in ’71.  I *thought* I would hate it when I heard it was different but…after seeing the new movie trailer…I look at this as a comedy packing real wit…and a parallel timeline…something the original *used* from time to time…Yes, it is completely, insanely different if the trailer is any indication…but I’m fine with the funny, and Angelique (the witch who curses him) is still badass, which is important.

I have a small beef.  His girlfriend Josette (not the witch, the girl he’s kissing at the beginning)

…should have dark hair…as should the 1970’s look alike we don’t see in the trailer.

I’ve decided to revise my earlier reservations and have an open mind about the big stuff…but…Josette should have dark hair.  It is “Dark Shadows,” after all.

From the trailer…in the middle of the comedy/parody it looks like they have preserved Barnabas’ deciding that while he might empty the veins of the rest of the town, his future relations are to be protected and fought for.  That’s cool, and definitely part of the vibe of the old show.  Barnabas is clearly the straight man in the middle of this mess, and I’m good with that as well.

So, let the sun set.  Open the doors of Collinwood.  You know darn well what’s in the basement.

Let’s party.

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