A Friendly face

February 24, 2012 at 12:42 PM (Uncategorized)

Lexi the Schnauzer is about 25 lbs, and ten inches tall, good tempered and grey, and sometimes full of ‘tude. Not mean, just kinda rebellious about listening sometimes.  Lexi also has no fear, which can make life perplexing for her.  She’s about as close as I’ll get to having a child.  She loves men, and is a shameless flirt.  I wasn’t a dog person at all before meeting her, and now I’m hopeless about the little schnauzer-face.

Although my former roomate has had ‘custody’ of LexiTheSchauzer for almost a year, Lexi may be coming to live with me…

(The former roommate took a transfer with her current company up here.)  If my friend Joanne can find a dog-friendly place It’s best if she keeps Lexi, and I get frequent visits….

Not doing the roommate thing again for about 500 reasons, the two most important being, I’d get evicted from my subsidized housing and the second is…I’m an only child and just refuse to share my space with another human being again.  I’m a lot less cranky when I live alone.] In her housing search if Joanne  has do do the “No Pets” thing…Lexi will come and live with me.  In either case, Lexi will be safer than in the place where she just lived in SC (Some people think smacking dogs for the hell of it is ok…Grrr.)

The little grey  whirlwind will l be visiting for a trial run beginning March 4th.


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