In which, I get squeezed between some more…

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I started with a shortened version of the post on Rick Santorum that I wrote earlier:

and got this answer:

We really “can’t afford i”t as individuals because (2+ / 0-)
the fact is, society does not choose to fully provide for it.
Now being able to afford it is relevant is any decision whether to give human life or not.
The question of resources is primary whether the child is disabled or not.
Resources is a legitimate basis for making a life or death decision
especially when there are already mouths to feed and minds to nurture.

In my first comment I was listing off reasons that terminating a pregnancy involving disability might be considered, and they answered.

Ok…I have a few small issues with the above, but certainly would have left it lie…but then, strangely the commenter felt compelled to add this:

Culling is the moral action.

Um. No. It’s a mistake to label anything so personal “culling” for one thing…
…And that’s the same word Santorum used, so I felt poked with some stick designed by a eugenicist, even if that wasn’t the commenter’s intent.


I should have been culled for the good of society then?



I’m about to curse you out so I’ll shut up now.

And then again:

…Culling is a moral act.
…All reproductive control IS culling.


I can’t discuss this with you, as you know (1+ / 0-)

from below.

When one is told one should have been culled, that that is the moral choice,
the time for rational discussion is just about over.


Can you reply to others who (1+ / 0-)
are ok with that damned word “culling, please?”, you’ve got me crying and pounding the g-d keyboard and I can’t afford that.
Leave me and my cull worthy disability the ** alone.

Which they didn’t…they followed me around this very well known blog and repeated themselves.

Update: Ah, things are a little clearer now…the culler is a Ron Paul supporter. Google was my friend. Ron’s son Rand is the guy who spoke of repealing the ADA and insisting that all working PWD’s could just work on the first floor if an elevator proved too costly.

An ostensibly lefty person using Santorum’s same language.
Yeah, whatever. Santorum needs cussed out, and I wish I’d had the guts to go all the way, curse out the commenter and get banned.
But I’m tired, and under some new stresses (just new this week)

And others got into it, feeling that I was not as supportive of the original topic, or of women as I should be and basically expressed what they felt should or should not be discussed in the comment thread…

No we should absolutely not be discussing this (22+ / 0-)

in this nation. This is a conversation that is private and should only be between the expecting parents, the doctor, whoever else the expecting parents choose. And it is not another person’s business.



Censoring discussion. (1+ / 0-)

I say again as I have below…I will in no way ever dispute with a woman who makes this choice about making it.

As a non specific case topic though, it can be discussed, as long as Rick Santorum isn’t the one doing the discussing.

Secondly. I would never force a woman to have a child for any reason.

Thirdly I support the mandate.

Ok? Now can I talk about it?

And another got into it, but replied to me when they meant to reply to the utilitarian person, etc.

Made me feel like defective livestock that needed to be cut for the good of the herd.

And this kind of undercutting of someone like me is exactly what Mister Sweatervest was aiming for when he made that comment.

Our President is not a eugenicist
Our President is not anti PWD’s
The ACA is not a means to artificially perfect the US.

And it’s mind blowing that people on my side are evidently ok with using Santorum’s language to prove their (different) point.

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