Health Careless

February 12, 2012 at 9:10 PM (Uncategorized) (, , , , , , )

I’m spitting and fuming
Mitch McConnel has now endorsed the bill that has me really wanting to grab a microphone and get in any Republican Senator’s face

Right now.

The ” Let’s just deny preventative health coverage to whomever we can for whatever reason,” bill of Senator Blunt, nutcase, endorsed by Mitch McConnell aka Let- the-country- go- to hell-as-long-as-Obama-is-a-one-termer…because we’re peeved that the contraception debate is being taken out of the hands of male politicians…

So, because male politicians can’t dictate [today at least] whether or not women have a say about whether or not getting pregnant is on their to-do list. today

a male politician pouted, took his marbles, went home and wrote a queasy piece of drek that will take the last shred of “care” out of what they call Obamacare, legislation so fcuking broad, that it’s a new version of deciding your neighbor down the street’s health condition is bad for business so we won’t cover it. We’ll say it’s for religious reasons, because you know, we’re very very good at cloaking self interest in the vestments of religion, but basically we should get behind this damn bill because it will let us exclude whomever we wish……A nasty modification on Grayson’s description of their idea of a ‘health plan.’ it would now read:

If you become ill, and we don’t like your race, your religion (or lack thereof), your gender, your orientation, your disability, your politics or your looks…Pay us premiums, but you’ll likely be excluded from coverage. ‘Cause we don’t like you.

Preixisting conditions are back, and we’re excluding them…”

I’ve been saying it for nearly seven years on this blog and I’ll say it again:

Health. Care. Is. A. Right. The fact that half the country doesn’t believe that, in no way changes the fact that Health Care is A Right.

PS. And just, just, just…If a woman is opposed to contraception on religious grounds..why do men act as though this individual woman does not have the courage of her convictions? If she opposes it, she won’t use it. Now men, put a cold towel on your head and go to bed!

Oh, wait. That’s right. I forgot. Women are hysterical, fragile and easily manipulated into doing Things That Men Think Are Wrong. How could I have missed that? Silly me.

And if an individual woman does *not* oppose contraception, for religious or any other reasons

Why do *men* get to decide when and how she gets it?

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