This one won’t be polite.

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Are you kidding me? Are you freaking out of your mind nuts kidding me?
There is a conservative politician *so* full of anger at the policies and the person of  the black man in the White House that  he decided to introduce a bill allowing employers to deny any preventive health service they object to.

I’m hoping the thing will get, say three cosponsors and die a deserved death but you never know….

If you want to be a friend to large corporations, making sure they  attract valuable employees, you can’t run around writing bills that could technically deny:


Cancer screenings of all kinds for either sex.

Diabetes education (!)

Stress tests for heart disease.

All of these fall under the ‘preventative’ tag.

Come on, you say, no one would be that nuts…

Write a bill as a dog whistle and it could come back to bite you.

Because of course this is a dog whistle:  an annoyed response to the move by President Obama today to alter the HHS rules regarding requiring employers with conscience objections to contraception to provide preventative services including contraception.

President Obama’s change today, simply wrote a requirement that means the insurance company, instead of  the employer,  would be the one required to provide such preventative care (contraception).  

Of course there are conservative opponents  of the original requirement [for example the author of the above completely dumb bill]  that won’t let go, not because this isn’t a rational solution to the problem, but because they hate the policies and the person of the black man in the White House.

One of the president’s most severe critics Cardinal designee Dolan, admitted this is a step in the right direction…and moderate or liberal Catholic organizations  are happy with the change, as are Catholic Democrats such as Tim Kaine who had raised objections to the original requirement.

The danger of writing crazy legislation as an annoyed response to a thoughtful compromise  by the President…

Is that the crazy legislation could actually pass.


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