Well, I really am knotted into a pretzel now.

January 24, 2012 at 2:56 PM (Uncategorized)

Regarding my lymphadema treatment.

Here are the various options available to me.  There may be a time down the line ( about a month) when something called a lymphadema pump can be placed on my legs by a home health aide in the am, and removed when they leave, and done at home here in my house (Yay)  However that assumes that Medicaid waiver will come through for me.

1. Require a family member to get trained on doing these wraps and make them drive out here at least every other day to do them.  In the winter, not a possibility, and even in the summer a damned inconvenience. It would soak up four hours a day and none of my relations has that sort of time, or driving stamina.

2.  Move temporarily to my mother’s house and train someone there to do it, thus having to continue to pay for my house for that duration even though I’m not living in it.  There are positives inherent in that but there are also huge issues inherent in that.  I haven’t asked yet and I want to go through some other iterations before I do this.

3. I am ineligible to go back to rehab, but warehousing me temporarily in a skilled nursing facility is also ok by Medicare.  All my funds would immediately divert to the nursing home, so a cell phone cannot be paid for and I literally  lose my house.

4.  Go without direct lymph-edema treatment, but receive physical and occupational therapy in my home, with occasional home health aide visits, for three weeks which aftercare will cover, stay in my house



  1. Phillip Mancino said,

    The pump is good to get. Since I have had one(about sixteen years) I only had one bad infection and that happened when I was pregnant with my daughter Anna. It was 15 years this week. She was born 1-27.

  2. Kay Olson said,

    If there are problems with the Medicaid waiver, perhaps a local group could
    fundraise a little and you could hire a private assistant/PCA for an hour a day? The going rate here is about $9 -11/hour. (YMMV) Or an hour every other day? Or a half hour of speedy help.

    This is what some internet friends of mine call The Midwest Armpat emoticon: —–(

  3. bridgett said,

    Or, to get that funding for a temp PCA visitor, apply for help at Modest Needs…this is right up their alley.


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