Physical Rehab, Reinvent, Retrench

January 19, 2012 at 8:58 PM (Uncategorized) (, )

This will be the first of a  series of blog posts about my recent stint at acute rehab, the good, the bad, and the difficult to assess.

First, the good stuff.  I had a team of people all overtly and obviously committed to  improving my mobility, my muscle ability,  and my overall health (their names will be slightly altered for their sanity’s sake.)  If someone had just given me a buncha handouts with all the stuff they made me do, I’d have said, “You people are cra-Z, if you think I can do all this ****!”

They were tough, but for a reason.  I get it.

Some of the cast of characters.

My physical therapist.  Crazy Tom.  Ten years younger  than I.  On the surface, he’s just a likeable guy with a wife and family…But he’s really a trivia brained nut with a mind full of pop culture and musical facts ably assisted by an I-phone and a twelve track mind,  a wired, caffeinated forever Peter Pan

I’m still really really mad that he knew more about Jaime Summers and Steve Austin than I did.

The nurses (again folks, I didn’t forget  names, I’m just tweakin’ them a bit.)


“Honey, I’m home.”

“Hola, I’m doing a sixteen hour shift today…!”

“On what? Don’t you sleep?”


and Sharlene:

“You get more workout just getting into bed than you do in physical therapy!”

Cara, who walked me through some really bad resonances, and one bad day.

“Just being in the hospital, you know…It brings back the times I was in, and he was in and….I don’t want to remember this hard, you know?  But it’s all crashing into my head today. ”

A perky nice kid who I’ll just call ScrabbleGirl.

I think it’s y wonderful that there are jobs out there where folks get paid to play board and puzzle games with people…encouragement and good humor without prodding.

AnneTheOccupationalTherapist who insisted that picking pegs up with the hand on top of my really bad wrist, actually had a point.

The nurse’s aides,: Matter of fact Shelly, or Wired Betsy, or smiling Shonda…

Kit, the Breakfast Tray fireball.

Dr, M, very knowledgable and collaborative.

To all of them, collectively, my personal set of pros from Dover…my thanks.


So, I now walk.With an old school, non wheeled walker.  Not to do household tasks.  Not enough balance.  I don’t have the capability of walking to church or the store or the bank or the pharmacy.  Those will still have to be by other means.  But I have to walk because I have to get vertical and moving at least twice daily. I’m up to one hundred feet.  I have to be authenticated at 120 feet six weeks from now.  Dr. M is a hard*** It’s walking as therapy.

I have to do exercises at least an hour a day at home, six days a week.

upper body…lower body….small weights.

every day for the rest of my life…

(why it’s a “have to” later.)

Also I was vitamin b-12 deficient.  So, shots once a month.  More energy.  It will be needed.

That’s the good news.  Next post is the not so good news.




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