Dumbest Fat-Shaming Ever…

November 8, 2011 at 2:41 PM (Uncategorized) ()

Ok. Had a disability and then got extremely heavyset. Biggest Loser level heavyset.

There’s so many overtly hostile things strangers can say about me or other fat folk…

But the single dumbest one is:

Hey! You’re FAT!”

Gosh, thanks for telling me. Honestly I’m forgetting so much these days…
How could that have slipped my mind?
How could I have forgotten that I have to get my clothes online?

How could I have forgotten that airlines want to me to pay twice?

How could I have forgotten that I have to look at this face and body in the mirror every day and accept that this is what I’ve got for now?

How could I have forgotten that total strangers want to scrutinize each gram of food that leaves my plate at a restaurant?

How could I have forgotten that strangers think it’s fine to humiliate and embarrass me and make comments about my life and get all up in my business in a way they would *never permit* if done to them.

How can I have forgotten that?

I thank you, Stranger, for pointing out two things:
One, the blatantly obvious…

and two, that sneeringly pointing out the obvious comes in your size.


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  1. attilathemom said,

    Oh dear. Isn’t that annoying? I’ve had a couple of people mention my weight (not medical people, just busybodies) over the years. Just trying to be “helpful”, you know. heh

    When I was younger, I was mortified. Now that I’ve been through the trenches I don’t feel a need to explain that the meds I take make it difficult to keep the weight down. So I have a few standbys….

    I smile brightly and say (depending on the situation):

    “How kind of you to take an interest. I hadn’t noticed!”


    “Aren’t I lucky that my hubby is a chubby chaser? We have hotter and nastier sex than I ever got in my 20’s!!”

    or if I’m feeling particularly rat-assy:

    “Thanks so much for your opinion! Since we’re sharing, those shoes/hairstyle/outfit/combover/yellow teeth, etc make you look 20 years older. I hear clothes stylists/hair implants/designer dentistry is all the rage right now. Maybe you should check into it!!”

    Hang in there kiddo. And give me a call some time.

    I miss you.


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