Bank On It

September 24, 2011 at 8:45 AM (Uncategorized) (, )

Went to the bank…made a 25.00 deposit… rolled across the parking lot to the store…had to buy stuff anyway, was (internally) panicked about the card, paid for groceries by ck, pulled over, painstakingly went through the purse. No card no how. Big sigh…could have dropped it in the bank parking lot or the store aisles…realized that even though a transaction is set to automatically debit today using the card number (not the check # ) “I just have to freeze that card…” rolled back across the parking lot to the bank (and darnit I was just beginning to cry by then) The teller I had seen said said, “Oh, Jean!” and came around the teller wall and handed me the card. I had left it there. Thank you Bank People.

It makes me think about the fact that this happens to everybody. Able or not. Everyone loses cards, keys, the really vital stuff. Since I can leave the apartment and zoom around at this shopping place that is two minutes roll instead of the nearly completely homebound state I was in my last two years living in Denver, I’m having more experiences common to both people with disabilities and the able bodied…


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