Expiration Date

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Americans and Libertarianism, or Objectivism, General “I’ve got mine so screw you,ism.” have finally produced the embryo that will become the 21st century Roman Mob.

Everyone has heard by now that someone in the audience of the latest GOP/Tea Party debate cried out “Let them die!” and was cheered roundly for it.

Pick that image up in your head and look at it. Examine it from all angles.

Someone wanting a voice in political power wished for death *because* someone had no insurance, and he and more like him cheered for it.

It began when that epitome of journalistic integrity Wolf Blitzer, lobbed a hypothetical question to Ron Paul about who should pay the medical expense of a formerly healthy 30-year-old man, who did not buy insurance for himself, getting ill and falling into a coma and being uninsured.

It’s important to be clear that Ron Paul himself did not say those words. He called the freedom not to insure against risk a great good (which is troubling in itself.)

It’s not even (in this instance) the policy differences I take issue with. (I really do of course, but I don’t have the alcohol or the time to do so now except to say that single payer is the only thing that will fix that mindset.)

It is the obvious jolt of positive the audience member got when he yelled, “Let him die!” followed by a group of like-minded audience members cheering that I take issue with.

If I could chat with that insolent young loudmouth, I might say this:

Well,sh!t Audience Member, let’s talk about this for a minute. Let’s take a long, hard look at what you were wishing for so fervently, shall we?

I hate what you said…I still don’t wish death on you.

I’ve seen death close up (nearly left the stage myself too) and it isn’t always ‘merciful,.’ as one might think the death of a formerly healthy thirty year old comatose man might be. I don’t wish the wasting away, the depression, the hours and days of exhaustion when literally everything in your body hurts so there’s no way to differentiate when someone asks. In many cases you lose the ability to eat or drink near the end. You may be in so much constant pain that you cry out or in so much pain that you cannot cry out at all.

That’s what you called out for. That’s what your fellow Cheerheads were cheering for.

If you listen to RW radio or remember reading Ayn Rand/National Review/Grover Norquist/Glen Beck/Ann Coulter or even old schoolers Krauthammer, Will or WF Buckley …it might occur to you that your philosophy about the uninsured, while having the virtue of being simple and direct…should remain as a gloriously incoherent philosophical discussion of what AnybodyUnlikeYou ought to do if they fall ill without being in thrall, up to their tail in premium costs to BigInsurance. A discussion of ideas. A ‘what if’ scenario that even you realize we aren’t ready to play out in the real world.

But no. You want it to play out and then the dead can just get off the stage, right? Don’t let ThisMortalCoil’s screen door hit their bones on the way out…Heavenly peace as a lovely parting gift and thank them so much for playing. We really respect the family and the patient for not costing us a great deal of money before they expired.

But here’s where it gets serious.
What if that was a loved one of yours, you loser?
Or friend or neighbor or parent, or worse yet your child. The issue is that you are a heedless, clueless nightmare of a person who not only cannot conceive of that ever happening to you, or someone you love, but hopes if it happens to anyone else that they just get out of the way and give you more space to occupy on this earth.

Take my word for it. Anyone on the planet is one car accident or medical error away from just that situation.
If they were someone close to you, I’d bet you’d rather die than say “Let them Die!”

And the cheerers? A word to you too. Did you giggle with glee at the reaction you got? How much joy did you take from this idea of suffering.

I’m a barbarian, and sometimes not fit to associate with civilized persons, and well I know it.

I’ve typed a paragraph seven times about what I hoped my reaction and action would have been, had I been a nearby member of the same audience. But I can’t say it. Because it would make me just as barbaric, just as much a member of the mob as you are.
so, go in peace, shut your mouth and grow the hell up.

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