Passing time…

August 29, 2011 at 8:51 AM (Uncategorized) (, )

I’m realizing now that there’s a whole generation of people with disabilities…younger than I, that integrate more easily than I, that have less exclusion and derision in their pasts. That, of course is a really good thing.

You younger folk never lived without the ADA or the Family Medical Leave Act.

A higher percentage of educational and business buildings were accessible to you. Thank goodness.

If this was a decent economy, more of you would be working…and that’s the coolest of all. I smile for hours straight whenever I hear of a PWD friend with a paying job.

I guess I just never thought I’d be part of any generation that would be less able to navigate the wider world, than the younger ones around me…I’m sad, but I guess it makes sense…I ‘m working hard not to come off the whiner…(it’s working, ) There are also folks I interact with that are further in the other, older “sickness” paradigm still think, because they’re disabled, they deserve not just assistance, which is right, but being catered to, which can get plain annoying.

In the broadest sense, it’s just about getting old.

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