Living Expense

August 17, 2011 at 8:42 AM (Uncategorized)

Living expense.
by Jean McWherter Flynn on Wednesday, August 17, 2011 at 11:24am

I’m venting on behalf of my former roommate. She’s beginning to get her own circle of friends there…but I hear from her now and again. she’ll still call and vent to me every once and awhile. Don’t get me wrong. It was a great thing that her family took her in. it was that or homelessness. But good grief. Sshe’s gotten no praise for migrating to a city she did not know, and scoring a job within 24 hrs, only blame because it wasn’t a “real” job. No positive feedback for paying her rent on time to her brother every week and paying for her own food…and pet needs all on 8.25 an hour … just sniping such as “You probably think you can stay here until you are 72!” Relatives are puzzled as to why, without any medical insurance…she has very few prescriptions… (she had to choose between asthma meds and diabetic meds…asthma won. She’s type 2. She has an appointment for care at a sliding scale clinic…can’t get in till October. ) she has kept the cleanliness of her part of their home up to their exacting standards her relations came out to their driveway last night and demanded a specific move out date the moment she pulled in. Without any actual plan, the relatives forced a date of the end of October. The relatives are angry at her, because they insist that she said a current position would definitely lead to a supervisory position, when she said no such thing, she said it *might.*

They enable another relative to live somewhere else, rent free, who continually walks out on jobs…and can’t settle….and also has a car payment. But her…the one who cleans, pays rent and food and looks after not only her pet but theirs?

Oh. My. Gawd.

She has a solid lead of rooming in the home of a co worker, already been to the house, and been told how much rent was expected…and was looking at a November or December move out anyway…and they *knew all this* and started yelling anyway.

And then, after all this, they said, “But will you still be around to help with our dog if needed?”

Because you’re inconvenienced and put out to have to take someone in, does that mean you have to make it miserable for them? Is that a requirement?

They certainly could have established a firm move out date at any time, it’s their home and their right. They also could have been human about it.


…and, if she decides watching a particular cable news channel

is not her cup of tea, and politely declines and decides to go hang in her room, they actually go and call her back to the living room.


  1. Attila the Mom said,

    geezus pleezus…hope she can get into the place with her co-worker. Sometimes family really sucks.

    Sending all my best thoughts her (and your) way!

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