June 6, 2011 at 2:14 PM (Uncategorized)

another “The rules don’t apply to my behavior since I’m a politician.”

I’m disgusted.

This would have been so much less of a story if he hadn’t lied.  If he had let the honesty I thought he represented come up when this came out and done a press conference then instead of lying.

I’m actually glad I got played though, because it gives me a good look at how and *when* to give credence to someone’s story.


He’ll disappear for awhile and turn up somewhere else later, and do well.


Already, some that are positively gleeful about Rep Wieners culpability are making a false equivalency between him and scandal makers on the right.


Two ‘worsts’ here…

He Lied

and who he lied to…

But remember…

This is less than what Eliot Spitzer did.

This is no Mark Sanford moment for a Democrat.

This is no John Ensign moment

This isn’t John Edwards either

The republican’ are characterizing it as such.

False equivalency.

I think Congressman Wiener should resign…because his brand was the fighter with the truth…and I think there’s been a consumer recall on that last part.


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  1. bridgett said,

    One of the rules of being an ally is keeping yourself in the position to be an ally. When you screw up, it hurts more than just you.

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