Apparently, Diabetics and hypoglycemics

June 2, 2011 at 5:00 PM (Uncategorized) (, , , , )

the opposite ends of the spectrum where out of wack blood sugar levels are concerned, are out of luck if they are   Medicare or Medicaid recipients.

“Manifestation of poor glycemic control” is a broad stroke and Medicaid will no longer reimburse doctors or hospitals for treating these manifestations…


I know of cases where the person was monitored by a family member, following their diet and taking their insulin in a timely manner.

But they were caring for their terminally ill son at the time so their blood sugar spiked to 300.  in this scenario, if she’d had a diabetic coma, neuropathy, Medicaid would not reimburse for her care.

I know who they’re going after.  Folks who know they are diabetic who do not test, take glucophage or insulin and do not monitor their diet.   But…there will be too many doctors or hospitals that will not see diabetics now, and there’s no way to distinguish “good diabetics” from “bad diabetics” prior to evaluation, so they”ll solve that by not seeing them at all…

If they’re not seen, they’ll have more manifestations.  Like say blindness or amputation.  And their life expectancy will decrease.  And whatever manifestations hypoglycemics have (blood sugar too low) if you’re on Medicare/Medicaid and have that issue.  Good luck to you too.

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