Flowers at the warehouses

May 20, 2011 at 7:22 AM (Uncategorized)

Any disabled in Ohio chant it with me: Passport is cheaper, Passport is Cheaper, Passport is cheaper.

Than the money spent now.

If you live in your home, your aides can shop for you, get bargains and cook you lunch.

In nursing homes, they pay ancillary businesses to prepare and provide food.

If you live in an apartment, usually groundskeeping is part of the rent.

If you live in a home then yes, you’d have to pay for lawnmowing etc…but I wonder how much, compared to the sums paid by nursinghomes for groundskeeping…

Let people out, give ’em waivers if they are medically cleared…

And see the state save money!

Gawd this is elementary stuff.



  1. Glynis Jolly said,

    The problem is that most people (not all) don’t want to do anything for themselves or pay for it themselves. They think they deserve a free ride whether they need it or not.

    I could probably get SSI if I would do a few things under the table to put my finances at the right level. Many people do this. However, I like the way my life is right now despite the pinching of pennies until they screech.

  2. imfunny2 said,

    I tried to avoid ‘the system’ for years. I think that is the absolute best way to survive even thrive, without the rules etc.

    But I don’t have that option at the moment.

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