Say a lie enough, and eventually it’s the truth

May 14, 2011 at 3:40 PM (Uncategorized) (, , , )

Now, before tonight, I knew about this phenomenon, but had never been so virtually ‘close’ to an AIDS denier before.

On a board I read often…over and over and over in the last four days, someone’s been earnestly telling the world that HIV alone is not the  cause of HIV disease.

also has said things like “I’ve never seen a hetero case of AIDS,” etc.

Now honest to god.  It’s been long enough that I have stretches of nearly a year straight when even this kind of stuff doesn’t rock me.  My life is not a shrine to someone elses.   The history does matter, and the trajectory was forever altered by losing my spouse to AIDS, but I’ve done a B- job of moving through….

But today when I saw the **** above being credited as scientific fact…

Well, I replied to them:

see I lost a spouse a “hetero case of AIDS” years ago…I still keep in contact with his physician every now and again…yes the treatments have changed etc…The cocktails are hard on the system..that does not change the fact that  the root cause of AIDS remains…H I V!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! I don’t make this up out of my own head…I get the info from doctors I have a long standing relationship and trust with.

I wish I knew why it was important for you to believe something so patently false.  HIV is the root cause of HIV disease.  That has never changed.

And every time you write/say/speak this “co factor” falsehood, you are feeding into the lethal idea that “HIV is no big deal,” whether you intend to or not.

Thus, even if I wasn’t feeling great hostility towards the words of [censored], I would still say…they are causing much more pain than whatever “…satisfaction?”[censored ] gets out of spreading this lie.

Never forget! as they say about the Holocaust.  Never forget what’s real or all the gay/straight men/women children/adults who died of AIDS will have their memories continue to be cheapened by the likes of this crap.

It pissed me off and it made me cry and it’ll take an hour or two to get back to even on this.


  1. The other cuzz said,

    You know it still amazes me that in this world of information and knowledge that people are still so ignorant of the facts. for God sake this has been around for more years then I care to remember and many people who did nothing wrong suffered due to this decease. Lets hope this preson gets smart and does not learm this lessen the hard way.

  2. Glynis Jolly said,

    I’m sorry that happened to you. I cannot understand people that won’t accept reality. I have a hard time having dealings with people like this. They don’t seem to have any heart.

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