March 28, 2011 at 10:42 PM (Uncategorized)

Just FYI…I’ll be leaving Denver on 3 31. I’ve got only wonderful things to say about Colorado as a whole and Denver in particular… But sometimes you have to do what you have to do…

Starting on 3 29 my computer could be unavailable for as long as two weeks…don’t fret people I’ll probably be able to access library or household computers to check my email and FB. Those who are used to calling me, go ahead if you want to.

I’m not quite sure what my permanent physical address will be. I will probably know by the time I get on the plane on Thursday…my phone will not change for at least a month.



  1. Glynis Jolly said,

    You may not see this for a few weeks but still wanted to say . . .
    Have a safe flight. Let us know as soon as it’s possible that you’re okay and tell us how things are going.

  2. bridgett said,

    Looking forward to seeing you much more often — hope that the move is as good as it can be, all things considered.

  3. imfunny2 said,

    to all and sundry::

    Got home well, should be moved in to my accessible apartment no later than the20th of April

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