Just My 2cents about rage

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There are many lovely wonderful good mannered people for whom “righteous anger,” spoken and written and delivered as rage is anathema. I really respect *everyone* who has had the upbringing and or the learning experience or training or the desire turned into ability, not to do rage much.

It could be the simple truth that it’s bad manners to rage.

Or, hearers are uncomfortable with it.

Or, ragers learn it hurts them more than the people they rage at

Or, just learned it in a work environment or interpersonal nexus where they *had* to quit.

In a public setting or as a guest of someone…Then, it should on a leash, and internal.

As regards one’s workplace  raging in the office, or in a work document, uh, not the best move.

But let’s say you’re writing or speaking, and you have rage that day, and it’s just going to come out…

I think the least off putting version of that is:

Lesser anger should be witty and mocking and well spoken. Big words are sometimes needed, but arrogance will never be a good weapon. If five dollar words work, don’t use a twenty dollar word.

By the same token, for the lesser stuff or for rage itself, if you just know those you rage against will be snobs about about five dollar words, use a slew of twenty dollar words. Know your arena before you take the field.

Rage itself, in my opinion, works best, and is oddly inspiring sometimes if:

Your spoken voice is calm. You may be physically reacting to your feelings, but keeping the voice neutral.

You have your facts straight. It’s not just opinion against opinion.

If you can master it enough to keep the elegance of language, or the eloquence of personal experience, or just a heartfelt explicit reason for it, it could go a long way to getting your point across.



  1. The other cuzz said,

    Well that leaves me out for I don’t know any 5 or 20 dollar word so mine are short sweet and to the point. Crude as they may be there is never any mistake as to my meaning.

    • imfunny2 said,

      Naw, you aren’t left out…everybody’s got a different style…

      If anyone’s going to use the big words, if they come off as arrogant for using them, doesn’t matter how many they know…they won’t get their point across…

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