I’d like to be b!tching…

February 6, 2011 at 2:03 PM (Uncategorized) (, , , , , )

No, really.

About why doctor’s offices should be the first places to be accessible, and aren’t.

About why Egypt is its own country, [Even though I’m a freaking two-year old yelling at the tv about attacks on the press: “Hey! Hey! They’re trying to write/report about this! Hands OFF!”]

While we need to keep vigilant watch over what goes on there…it’s going to go our way, or not…we can strongly condemn, recommend, do behind the scenes diplomacy etc. At this stage: Egyptians are the ones to change Egypt, no?

About things I can’t be angry about “In public”

about how a disabled relative just lost their job, and is struggling to respect themselves as a person without that almighty conferrer of worth…I now know five people whose jobs were ‘lost’ at least in part, due to the downturn mixed with medical issues.

I can’t. I’m trying to move home without really knowing the specific ‘place’ I’ll be in…The roomate could be homeless at the end of March, and I hate feeling hugely guilty about that, even though I’m not the job they lost, or the private disability insurer that is dragging it’s f ing feet…

My blood pressure is way, way, way too high, so tomorrow I’m starting meds…

I want to yell and scream and throw things, because that’s the way I normally displace stress…[The three great things my father taught me: How to yell, play poker, and cuss elegantly….] but it would only make this environment tougher to live in.

One of the few skills remaining to me is to analyse info that I get from the net, and C span and AP and TV, and sort out the crap and blog it from time to time…I’m irritated that my head is way too full of personal biz to do that right now. Just one more brick on the “I feel useless,” stack.


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  1. The other cuzz said,

    Well for one your not useless. As for the other things well that mite be a bit tougher to deal with. As for the roomy I feel for her but she is a grown women and needs to deal with this for her self as you have she has know this was coming. As for the place to live well I (we) checked out a place near here that is HC accessably for scott nice place not too exspencive and if you can afford it they provide Electric food house keeping ect but you don’t have to get that and just rent and apartment and you can have pets. they are called the HILL TOP Apartment I can get you the info if you wish with numbers .

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