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Hey! Legislators!

You know your repeal won’t get through the Senate, right?  And even if it did, President Obama would veto any such attempt at repeal?

So this vaudeville act is more important than getting the economy moving?

Oh, it’s a “job killing” bill alright.  The longer you waste time on a bill you admit is going nowhere,  the more jobs get killed.

I don’t even care if you push *your* version of what you believe will create jobs.  I don’t like it, but it’s just a smidgen better than wasting time on nothing.

Look.  Just because *you* don’t need a job doesn’t mean there aren’t many many people out there — a significant percentage of whom *voted* for the new Republican Majority.

Who *do* need jobs.

So they can spend money to buy stuff made by corporations.  Who give you money to run your campaigns…

And presumably get re-elected.

Good God, you people are deaf.





  1. mcoville said,

    I love that I have heard many people complaining about the GOP majority “wasting time” with the Obamacare repeal. It is my observation that this complaining is coming from the fact that Democrats are not used to seeing politicians doing what the voters asked them to do.

    In November one of the largest swings in House majority and Senate representation took place because a majority of Americans wanted their reps to do certain things, and repealing healthcare was one of those things. So the House is doing what was asked of it, if the Senate refuses to listen to the majority of Americans and kills the repeal I would expect to see more seat changes in 2012. If by some chance the Senate does the right thing and pass the repeal and the President decides to ignore the will of the people, he will see a change of address in his families future.

    Repealing Obamacare would create jobs, how you ask. If you create a stable environment where businesses know how much an employee will cost them over a period of time more than 1 year at a time, they can then make decisions that lead to growth. Look at how many companies the government are already excluding from Obamacare, even before it goes into effect, because of the negative effect it will have on those companies. When a company feels a negative effect, so do their employees.

    If you truly cared about jobs you would be demanding the repeal of Obamacare.

    • imfunny2 said,

      We’ll leave that last line aside about me not really caring about jobs. It is factually incorrect.

      Now. I don’t deny the results of the election. I think if you asked the average jobless Republican or Tea Party voter *the order in which* they want things done, whether they want a Republican flavored jobs bill done first (i.e. more tax cuts all around.) or a bill that makes lobbyists happy…but will actually not pass, I truly believe the average jobless Republican/Tea Party person would want a jobs bill done first…so they could, possibly, start earning bucks and save their homes. I know they wouldn’t sit still for a stimulus or a bailout, I’m saying the Republican version of what Congress, with it’s new majority, genuinely believes will create jobs.

  2. The other cuzz said,

    I for am not sure about alot of things but one thing I am sure of is the governemtn as a whole have not been doing their job period. the economy is in the toilet housing is about to crash again and all I keep hearing is how thing are getting better. For Whom? Not me or my wife who has no medical insurance there are no jobs to speak of unless you want to work at McDonalds or WalMart ect.. We need action not this pettie shit we have been getting. They had to give the Rep what they wanted (tax breaks for their rich buddies ) before they would agree to help those with no income what the unemployment ran out that said volumes to me and next time the rep are up for reelection I will be voting and not for them.

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