I debated on this one. (Update x3)

January 14, 2011 at 11:01 AM (Uncategorized) (, , , )

Really I did.  Whether to link directly or not.

I never thought the question of “If I post a link here to something I am incredibly shocked and sad about, and incredibly opposed to….am I endangering my own safety?”  Would the owner of the link, if I became someone with a public life, come after me since

1 down 534 to go

is the title of said link? or come after me now, because I’m a liberal?  as some of the comments to his blog suggest…from one comment:

It’s ok to shoot liberals.  They don’t shoot back,

for example.



Let me go back to a beginning.

The late husband was an ardent comic fan.  Well known locally as a guy with sources, the fan that once called John Byrne “Ego, the living planet!”, a knowledgeable guy about the fandom, and a real PITA to work with sometimes. (If Tony Isabella were here, he’d grin at me and say “Sometimes?”  I know, Tony, I know.)

Even though I had a raging case of “real book” snobbery at the time,  and hated always having to navigate with my crutches amongst long boxes full of mylar protected comics gold….

Until today, I had a perverse sentimental streak going in my head, remembering the cheerful, unkempt, creative, passionate makers and fans of this particular art form.

I’m clear that my politics and many of theirs would have been/are in complete opposition at this point…but there’s a difference between debate and destruction, between opposition and elimination, between philosophical purity, best kept to conversations in college dorm rooms or house garages at one in the morning, and life on the ground.  If I were still part of that universe, I’d hoped that I could drop back in, and keep the discussion to “Why movies of comic book heroes suck,” (or don’t)  and how [Artist/writer a] clearly had the only real vision of a character and [Artist/writer b] was a hack…, etc.

But if a graphic novel and comic dealer can say what he said and truly believe it… less than a week after a public servant and bystanders got shot …looks like Daredevil, Spiderman, Batman, etc now live in universes that are less full of frightening creatures than mine.

Wow.  Pause has been given.

Well, I’ve done it now.    But the late husband isn’t here  and just to be clear,  he certainly wasn’t what one might call a liberal.  I’ve been thinking that maybe I shouldn’t speak out.  That this one time I should keep my mouth shut.  But Brian Flynn the comic fan would speak out on this, and he can’t,  and I’ve felt since he passed that sometimes, things he might speak out against, I still believe it’s my job as his widow to  kinda stand in his shoes and do it for him.

I only have one question to pose to the writer of said blog, and it isn’t about what he believes.

Sure, Corcoran will  say it at  his store, in his home, on his computer. I defend to the death his right to say it.   Free speech and all that.

I wonder if he would have the courage to be in the same space as Gabrielle Gifford’s family, or any of the other victims families?, visit with them, and in a seemingly rational(!) calm voice, discourse with them face to face, earnestly explaining to them in detail, why he thinks the way he does?

Update 1 15 11 The comic world has a few opinions too

Update 1 17 11:  Hmm.  the original post has now been deleted by Corcoran.  Silence on my part is the better part of valor….

Update 1 20 11: Evidently weapons were removed from Corcoran’s home, and his license to carry firearms has been temporarily suspended.



  1. The other cuzz said,

    I agree with you and I beleave that we (sociaty) as a whole must make a stand in stupidity like this. I also agree with what some of the artist have said don’t give this guy your buisness and speak volumes with your wallet. On that note I also agree that congress as a whole needs to go away and be replaced by people that have lived with thier mess. I didn’t say shoot them just replace them all at once get rid of them empeach them what ever it takes and put people who care for the country not their own wallets.

    • imfunny2 said,

      And your comment above cuzz, is sensible disgust with power and influence getting in the way of doing what’s right for the people.

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