Shot in the Dark

January 8, 2011 at 9:38 PM (Uncategorized) ()

My opinion on the shooting today:

This early in the game, my opinion is subject to change, but I think it isn’t unreasonable to posit that perhaps rhetoric and reading material were the fuel and his mental illness the accelerant, and some triggering event in his life, the match.

Whatever this man’s motivation, illnesses, it’s a message to everybody to dial down hate.   Direct “political” motives aren’t even necessary.

And all of that doesn’t matter, because the best thing everyone can do today is have good thoughts / prayers for the survivors,  and the families of those injured or killed.  That’s the first, most important thing about today

Update 1/12/2011

Okay, “The Communist Manifesto,” (lefty stuff) “Mein Kampf,” (Nazi right wing ultra extremist)  *and* Ayn Rand’s work on the guy’s bookshelf?(Capitalism as the “Great Saviour.”)   All of it is pretty incendiary stuff, but …he’s not a robot partisan of either right or left, registered as an independent… anti-authority across the board.

And his mental issues drove him.

Doesn’t mean any of the discussion of dialing down the rhetoric didn’t have to happen.  It’s a tragedy that can inform future tone…


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