So, there were parties…

December 31, 2010 at 1:23 PM (Uncategorized) (, , )

on New Years Eves past…

And all very accommodating to my single disability at the time…(I was ambulatory on Canadian crutches) either at my house or a friends house.  The drinks were better at my friends house, and the games more risque…and the friends a little more eclectic…but they tried hard to be the same type of party at two different locations.  For awhile we traded off yearly.

I don’t regret drinking my first rum and coke when I was fifteen, but it was a little out of proportion, so the stairs proved interesting…

By the time I was twenty one, my parent permitted some alcohol and kindly went away from our home for most of the night, and cousins, friends from high school, friends from college, all met, some for the first time….and all got along.  That’s unusual because they were from pretty different backrounds…but they all were either street smart, book smart or both, and much humor was passed around…I think they had their best fun picking on me (as a person, which is fine by me…this was not P+L’ing at my impairment)

My friends were acclimated enough to me to get and pour their own sodas and/or drinks. (snacks were strategically set out, or placed all at one spot. ) The kitchen table was pulled, and clumsy if enthusiastic dancing happened…good music played , word games, conversation…and no one ever got overdrunk, that condition where people yell a lot, get demanding, get nasty…The only loud thing was the laughing…I don’t remember if I ever got a noise complaint…maybe only once in several years.

Was I lazy? Sure.  Did I have more time to have fun because others did the legwork?  Also yes.

And looking back, I’ve gone to some staged New Year’s parties with some strangers in public venues…that I didn’t like as much, even with better music, drinks, food.  Because some strangers in the crowd would give me “that look.” that fellow readers with disabilities know very much.  It’s either pity, or worse, revulsion, or the point and giggle that is just immature.  I said “some” because other able strangers simply treat one as a person right from the start, and might become friends.

But the ones limited to friends were “safer” emotionally, because the point and stare element just wasn’t there.

Since alcohol doesn’t mix safely with some medications, I’m having a quiet evening with sparkling cider and some old TV or movies…

But with next year being my 50th birthday in November…

Maybe I’ve got one more of those parties to give….

Hope so.


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  1. Glynis Jolly said,

    I didn’t even have the cider. I had popcorn and bottled water. Instead of watching movies, Hubby and I watched the marathon of Criminal Minds. Being in our 50s gives you the option of doing what you really want to do.

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