It’s supposed to be okay.

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(I know I haven’t been here in awhile.  Crisis management has my full attention, and will for the next three months or so…)

It’s supposed to be okay.

It’s important that I’m quite clear on this:

I am really grateful to have a PCA working for me.  Showers, shoes, cleaning, laundry…I’m amazed that this has finally come through.  And, for my first time being a de facto “boss” we’re doing quite well.  She knows what she’s doing and she’s friendly. We get along as people too, it’s not merely a cordial, professional relationship.

I’m also living in the cleanest house in the world now, except for the permanently destroyed dog-carpet.  I haven’t lived in this clean a house since…since (Oh, alright, I’ll say it)  since I lived with my parents.  She also cooks, and I am pleased to be able to eat some veggies that I like (finally).  My roommate’s tastes ran the kitchen, and we have very few things we can both agree to get cooked.

And,  it’s supposed to be more than ok when a person with disabilities *finally* gets these supports after a long wait. (The well known activist Nick Dupree comes to mind.  Google the name.) It’s something to cheer over.

Maybe part of this next paragraph is because I’m an only child and never loved sharing or that euphemistic sappy thing they say today “…plays well with others.”   I find a tiny part of me says (Inside my head): “No it’s not completely ok.” I have this contractor in my house.  In my personal space.  They have a list.  They’re doing it.  Since they food shop and prescription pickup, I have to give them minor access to my resources.  (She’s been completely trustworthy.) They have to handle getting me in and out of the shower.  I make a great effort to maintain some modesty…because I need that dignity for as long as I stay at this level of function.  They have always said they’re ok if I’m not fussy about that and just get in the shower…but I have to maintain some dignity.  There are a sh!tload of other things stressing me out, and the modesty matters.

I’m really looking forward to accessible housing, because the need for much of this will dissapear.

Until then, I’m lucky to have the help, and I know it.


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