When Mental Health Trumps Physical, what the hell does one do?

December 5, 2010 at 6:06 PM (Uncategorized)

I’ve gotten some federal and state help recently.  My prescriptions (except for one) now cost about a dollar each.  I am in Colorado’s Long Term Care program, which has provided me with the bestest PCA I could have gotten as a first timer.  I’m new at being the boss of anything…but she and I seem to be working it out.  She’s effiicent, funny, and good at her job.


Over the last two years, being stuck at home with the occasional visitor is eroding my mental health. I still know very few here…so…I’ve made the decision to head home sometime between now and March.  There are at least three relatives there who I know will make the time to visit, to socialize, and (attempt) to bring me out on the rare outing.

So, I’m prioritizing said mental health above the great supports.  (The federal prescription help will follow me, but Ohio will not pay for long term care supports for disabled persons, although seniors have access to a range of services. I figure I can afford to self-pay a similar type of agency for one hour a week, and I’ll be doing that for certain.

And, impending Republican governor Kaisich, it’s freaking cheaper!  I have some numbers.  It costs about 4000 a month to institutionalize someone…and about half of that or less to provide supports in the home. (I need very few supports, relatively speaking, but the difference in costs holds up for the more severely impaired as well)…So, are you into saving the state money, or just ignoring a proven cost cutter that isn’t as sexy as…what is that thing that everyone’s talking about now?  Tax…tax…oh yes…the holy grail. Tax cuts.


And…once I get into the accessible apt, showering, cooking, laundry, and some cleaning…I can handle most of that on my own at that point.

A friend of a friend once said, back in 1991 when dinosaurs walked the earth, that if they’d been through what I’d been through they’d be a basket case.

I’m not a ‘basket case.’ but in trying to avoid that…I’m gong to lose out on some things.

I don’t think any PWD should have to choose…then there’s the whole reverse of this that so many have had to do….move from home to a state with supports…it’s nuts.



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