I’ll never get it…

November 19, 2010 at 9:49 PM (Uncategorized) (, , , , , , , , )

Via the Washington Post:

While anything else at all is still speculation and “alleged,”

There is no doubt that a young girl with disabilities is dead and her body parts scattered.

It is a profound violation whenever it happened and how it happened and whomever did it.

On discouraging dark days, which this has been…I feel like the invisible “vulnerable” tag that many of us seem to wear will never come off…that we are seen as prey for the unbalanced to use….or the accountants to target, as below…

And, via cable news

Poor people with chronic illness whose transplants are too expensive to pay for…98 Arizonians who have committed the cardinal sin of becoming poor and qualifying for Medicaid/Access… waiting on the transplant list have been completely cut off, in one case just as the patient was being prepped for surgery… If those patients do not get those transplants they will die, leaving wives and children behind.  A true ‘death panel.’ stemming from legislation passed earlier this year.

We deserve to be safe in our own homes.  We deserve to have every chance to have more birthdays, that a transplant or other life saving procedure would give to us.  My cousin was a Medicaid eligible transplant recipient, and that transplant very nearly changed her back (on the inside) to the merry person I had met when I was 15. No longer the desperately ill, despairing, stretched beyond her limits person she had been for six years prior to the transplant.

Making sacrifices for our country’s economic health is something we should all do…but partial cuts in service, not eliminations…lose part, rather than the whole…

But no state in this country should require it’s citizens to die, so that a budget may get balanced.

Let me get this straight.  98  poor people should die that will save 4 million, (roughly 40k for each person whose transplant was denied)…and by the way the wealthiest among us need an extension of a tax cut they agreed to end at this time when it was put into place.

D@mmit!  Stop it people!  Stop!


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