So, they’re thinking of shutting down the government…

October 28, 2010 at 7:48 PM (Uncategorized) ()

If  the Republicans/Tea Party candidates arrive in office, they’d like to shut down the government…I wonder if they consider what that would actually entail…

Halting the military in the midst of war.  Ending any way to check if food is safe to eat by shuttering the USDA that checks our food. Putting the nation’s health at risk by hobbling  the Centers for Disease Control  Affecting the shipping of goods by stalling the  postal service. Emptying Washington DC’s remarkable monuments.  Federal buildings shuttered and federal employees in every state  sent home. Temporarily shuttering The Veterans Administration. (Way to support the troops potential new Congresspeople.)  If it goes on long enough, affecting the ability to obtain student loans for the 2011-2012 schoolyear.

Depriving those over 65 of their income and health insurance  Depriving people with disabilities of the same.  If the (temporary?) loss of these vital supports causes the injury or death of some recipients…

Shutting down the government = an actual death panel…

And, much more that I am unaware of.

If all of these things either cost too much or are perceived as unconstitutional, I submit that before any shutdown, the constitutionality of each of these programs should be brought before the Supreme Court to be clarified, and that the *too expensive* tag should apply, not just to the government, but to recipients of government contracts.

Money is money after all.





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