HAVA and Tuesday.

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I was told by a stranger, a gentleman I don’t know awhile back that I need to save the government money, and just off myself (because of being on disability.) I’m glad I wasn’t feeling vulnerable that day…or who knows what would have gone down…I said, “Well, sir, if you become a quadriplegic in an auto accident, or live to see old age I wonder if your view will change…”

I’d bet that stranger is all for either a temporary government shutdown that some in the Tea Party/GOP have been mumbling about…

Or standing by acting to privatize the above and gambling with it in the stock market….or, perhaps removing it altogether…

I know persons with disabilities or seniors you aren’t directly related to can become de facto invisible in legislative wrangling, political discourse or the public sphere…

I’d hope it does cross your mind, just enough to be one of the many reasons to vote vote vote.

… if anyone has physical issues in getting to the polls and haven’t had a response to a local query, check my profile and send me an email with your city and state (and preference of party to contact it you wish) and I’ll get them to email you… and set something up…The Help America Vote Act, HAVA is there to help out once you get to the polls.

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  1. Glynis Jolly said,

    Your answer to that man’s statement was perfect Bravo!

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