Miracles happen

August 26, 2010 at 8:42 PM (Uncategorized) (, )

I’ve just been part of a miracle, and I had to share…

Circumstances have forced me to renew my lease at a place that is too expensive, and also will not make my unit more accessible…It’s only six months but…

The roomates wages have just been garnished.

I’m in line for an accessible apartment in my home state but that could take years.

We can meet the bills as long as we spend nothing on food. (I’ve got some foodstamp benefit for me, but that leaves the roomie with zero…) Two months from now the money situation will improve so that making the lease will be easier. I’ll be able to finish the lease, not break it, so that my rental history will not get clouded up and make moving in to the accessible apartment difficult.

Unlooked for and unasked for a blogfriend of mine whom I’ve never seen face to face heard about my situation and just decided to send me a load of food so large and so varied that it will get the household through the end of October 🙂 And, she must have been psychic because I’m on a restricted diet due to health issues and most of what she sent, I can eat…

I’ve thanked her, but there’s nothing I can really do in return. I wish I could…

Miracles happen. Yes they do.

And this old skeptic has to say it:

Thanks be to God.



  1. Wheelchair dancer said,



  2. bridgett said,

    You have blessed the life of others by your kindness, your wit, your empathy, and your fierce intelligence. I’m happy that you’re receiving some blessing in return.

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