Jumping the gun

July 22, 2010 at 2:04 PM (Uncategorized) (, , , , , , , )

I won’t say much… too many have said too much already…

Google the last name of “Sherrod” if you don’t know what’s up

and this as is often the case, says it better, if just as loud as I would.

I am glad, more and more as time goes on, that I was/remain a student of history, even though I barely worked in the field.

Historians have bias, but at least they are told to wash out as much of that as possible from their brains, check, verify, analyze primary and secondary sources before deciding what they mean…without slanted “edits” thankyouverymuch.  (Some who publish, obviously, don’t do that, but them’s the rules. )

The media, the government, the organizations just scored an epic fail. They’d be suspended, and if allowed to return after awhile would be placed in a remedial communications/composition class…until they could trace back, and consider sources *in their sleep!*

And even after refutation that is the entire video, words from the same speech that make it clear Ms. Sherrod is clearly ruminating about how she felt 25 years ago, just as she got involved with a white farmer’s trouble, how that view profoundly changed as she worked with him, and how clear she is about her position *today.* is all over the media….Breitbart is trying to exonerate himself!  The Machiavellian slime at the root of this is trying to pull himself away from the tree of incompetence and propaganda he’s attached to.

And to the rightward leaning?

What was it Regan said? Trust, but verify.


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