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June 25, 2010 at 12:16 PM (Uncategorized) ()

When I was six-about-to-be-seven in 1968, I came to understand that there were TV witches. Six-about-to-be-seven is a very impressionable age. And so I was impressed.

(Note that these fictional characters are not to be confused at all with real women falsely accused of witchcraft)

The title character of “Bewitched.”  One who could basically do as she pleased, but chose not to.  Could have run her own life and her husband’s and her daughters…but chose not to.

She was supposed to resemble the upper middle class suburban housewife….and did.

I watched the show because:

A. She reminded me of my mother.

B. I wanted to be her witch-in-training kid

C. Her mother was much more in the “wickedness” mode…fun to watch.

Primetime, evidently, was only ready for a witch who felt being ‘the good wife,’ was better than using her craft.

Then, there was the witch that showed up onscreen in the daytime.

Yep, it was melodrama.  And she delivered.

Now, there, folks…was a witch.

She could basically do anything she wanted, and manipulate nearly everyone on the show to get it done…and did so. I thought. “When I grow up, I want them to listen to me like they listen to her!”

I’d never claim her as a feminist….she’s the ultimate expression of the ‘feminine wiles,’ old school attitude…Nevertheless, she was my first example of why independence 1. Can be achieved and 2. Is a darn good thing.

Physically, she was nowhere near the stereotypical ‘bad witch’ look,

Blonde, blue eyed, light skin…you’d expect her with the angels at first glance,  since she was named for them- Angelique.  A laugh like bells ringing and a slight undefinable accent.  Not Southern, not European, not anything…but not exactly like flat Midwestern either.

She began as the woman scorned, and upped the ante of the usual revenge by making the poor fool that chose the ‘good girl’ into a blooddrinking monster for eternity…and in her curse, making sure that, “Everyone who loves you will die!’

That showed him.

So, she acquired a sort of inter-storyline reputation as someone to guard against.

And since the show bounced back and forth in time more than H.G. Wells, she could ‘die’ in one era and show up in another…and when she did all the men on the show began to get nervous.

(or changed into cats. Or made into zombies.  Whatever she felt like doing.    When an older brother threatened her freedom, she eventually went over his head [below his head?], and got him fired by a denizen from Hell that spoke with a suspiciously New York style accent.)

If blogs could have sig lines, this one would have one of hers:

“If you wanted to avoid trouble, you should not have sent for me…”‘


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  1. The new Dark Shadows movie « Midlife And Treachery said,

    […] And, of course, whomever Burton has picked for  Angelique will *never* scare the **** out of me like Lara Parker’s did. […]

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