I am unsurprised, but angry

June 19, 2010 at 12:16 PM (Uncategorized) (, )

Evidently, if the R’s fare well in the November elections…Darrell Issa wants to go Ken Starr on the Obama White House.

Now, this will be different IMO.  Former President Clinton’s private life wasn’t, so it didn’t take much digging to come up with Monica.

If they find something specific to the President, [for the record I think this highly unlikely…I don’t think there’s anything of the sort ]  it will have to do with money, or lobbyists, or other things easy to perceive as influence peddling.

And, I’d bet money that President Obama won’t be sitting at some table saying “I don’t recall.”  He’ll own up.

And if it’s a member of his staff, he’ll regretfully accept a resignation and move the **** on.

But the worst scenario of all?

Come on now.  What are they best at, these Republicans.  Fearmongering, and making stuff up.

That’s right.  I wouldn’t put it past Issa and his cadre of attorneys to make something up out of whole cloth that, on it’s face, would reach the level of impeachment.


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