Repost: Rick Scott now running for FL Governor

April 13, 2010 at 12:53 PM (Uncategorized)

I don’t usually repost stuff, but I’m unsurprised (but appalled) that Rick Scott is now running for Florida Governor (Update 8 25 10…this fraud has now won the Republican primary in FL)

Also watch Frontline tonight for the disappointing and detailed “Obama’s Deal.”

Here’s the original post from May  in case the link below doesn’t work:

The Republicans are staking their opposition to reform in healthcare under the group….“Conservatives for Patients Rights.”

From the Health Beat website [linked below]

The group’s leader, is a  Richard Scott former CEO of CEO of Columbia/HCA Healthcare Corp.

He and his partner, Rainwater, (Not to mention connections to the Frist’s Sr. and Jr. ) caused the following “improvements” at hospitals they ran since of course, we know treating hospitals like a McDonalds or a Wall Mart is the bestest way to run them:


“Gloves rip easily,” complained hospital workers in Florida. In California, some nurses protested “filthy conditions” and being “stretched to the limit as the hospital slashed the ratio of nurses to patients”

“I sometimes had to watch 72 patients heart monitors at a time,” one nurse reported. “I was told, either do it, or there’s the door.”

In Indianapolis nurses complained to state authorities that babies in the neonatal unit were left unattended for as long as three hours.

Execs got healthy bonuses for the profit these conglomerates brought in, until

…a short three years after he became CEO of Columbia/HCA. In July of 1997,

the FBI swooped down on HCA hospitals in five states.

I can’t say much due to non-disclosure, but a side effect of Columbia HCA’s greed affected this humble diarists job(s).

The investigation revealed that the hospital chain had been bilking Medicare

Bilking Medicare…Wait. Stop right the fcuk there. Stare at that for a moment. Absorb it. Robbing our government. Stealing from disabled and elderly beneficiaries safety net for seniors and the disabled to pay themselves extra bonus money.

Rick Scott did this and he is the man behind Conservatives for Patient’s Rights? This crook, this criminal, former head of a  convicted organization is running the Conservative blab machine against healthcare Reform.

You watch…he’ll get another cushy job running another set of insurers or hospitals, and there he’ll go, stealing from ‘the least of these,” once again.

And NBC feels just a bit complicit in re-legitimizing this guy by taking his money to run an infodocumentary after Meet the Press this Sunday… about how reform would “worsen” health care.

Please NBC. Don’t run this show. Give it to Fox. Rick Scott is a crook and a thief.

Conservatives are you truly abandoning health care competency by selecting this speculating profiteer as your spokesman? I’d assume you’d rather have a free market advocate with some *** **** experience in running health care system, and also a few *ethics?* Failing that, I’d settle for inexperienced in the field, but profoundly ethical… An Honest Republican?

(George Voinovich where are ya when we need ya? [sob] )


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